Hey everyone,

I would like to start off by apologizing for being silent during the last week or so, but I was waiting for Ren over at Wuxiaworld to make an announcement post first on our project. I am moving Emperor over to Wuxiaworld and Spirit Vessel to Gravity.

I started translating on a whim while telling a friend about xianxia and wuxia. I got him to start reading Coiling Dragon first, and at that time, I was enjoying Emperor’s Domination a lot. I figured that I could start a translation as well, and Tyrant from PoT contacted me on Novelupdate. It was a great fun, and I learned a lot with the help of Nahct and others in PoT.

My main purpose of this post is to say that my departure has nothing to do with PoT itself, but just me deciding to change my focus with regard to translation. Nahct will still be my editor, and there are no animosity in this change at all.

Thank you a lot for all readers. I still remember when I translated a lot of Emperor at the start in 3-5 days, and the Serpent Punishing Stick was the highlight for many of us.

Thank you to all Path of Translation’s members, and see you again on the forums and such.

On another note, I will not have time for Grasping Evil, so anyone can pick up that project if they would like. I do warn though, that later chapters will be very long and difficult to translate with profound dao insights.

Game Market 1983 Chapter 41

Translator: Tyrant

Chapter 41

This sponsored chapter has been delayed for a full 24 hour period because the editors were busy; I’m going ahead and posting it now with the edits that I’ve made to my own translation (which was difficult to say the least, finding mistakes in your own work is hard!) Anyways, thank our amazing sponsor Eric. W and enjoy this chapter~

Immortal – Chapter 1

Team: DHH Translations
Translator: Hsi
Editor: Somesingman

Chapter 1

Hey guys. We’re Somesingman and Hsi, the two man team over at DHH translations. We’ve started a partnership here and will be posting Eternal Life Immortal every week on Sunday. This is our first time translating a xianxia story, so apologies if it’s a bit rough, we’ll be learning and improving as we go. Cheers.

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